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Aerosol Science and Technology publishes theoretical, numerical and experimental investigations papers that advance knowledge of aerosols and facilitate its application. Articles on either basic or applied work are suitable. Examples of topics include instrumentation for the measurement of aerosol physical, optical, chemical and biological properties; aerosol dynamics and transport phenomena; numerical modeling; charging; nucleation; nanoparticles and nanotechnology; lung deposition and health effects; filtration; and aerosol generation.

Aerosol Science and Technology 发表理论、数值和实验研究论文,这些论文提高了气溶胶知识并促进了其应用。 有关基础研究或工程应用的文章均适用于本期刊。涵盖的主题包括:气溶胶物理、光学、化学和生物等特性测量的仪器仪表,气溶胶动力学和运输现象,数值建模,充电,核,纳米粒子和纳米技术,肺沉积和健康影响,过滤,以及气溶胶的生成

Consistent with the criteria given above, papers that deal with the atmosphere, climate change, indoor and workplace environments, homeland security, pharmaceutical aerosols, combustion sources, aerosol synthesis reactors, and contamination control in semiconductor manufacturing will be considered. AST normally does not consider papers that describe routine measurements or models for aerosol air quality assessment.

根据上述主题范围,凡是涉及大气、气候变化、室内和工作场所环境、国土安全、药用气雾剂、燃烧源、气溶胶合成反应器以及半导体制造中污染控制的论文均可考虑投稿本期刊。 AST通常不考虑描述常规测量或气溶胶空气质量评估模型的论文。

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