Particuology | 暖通专业推荐期刊


The word ‘particuology’ was coined to parallel the discipline for the science and technology of particles.

Particuology is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes frontier research articles and critical reviews on the discovery, formulation and engineering of particulate materials, processes and systems. It especially welcomes contributions utilising advanced theoretical, modelling and measurement methods to enable the discovery and creation of new particulate materials, and the manufacturing of functional particulate-based products, such as sensors.

Papers are handled by Thematic Editors who oversee contributions from specific subject fields. These fields are classified into: Particle Synthesis and Modification; Particle Characterization and Measurement; Granular Systems and Bulk Solids Technology; Fluidization and Particle-Fluid Systems; Aerosols; and Applications of Particle Technology.

Key topics concerning the creation and processing of particulates include:

Modelling and simulation

Mining of experimental data

Particle design and preparation

Experimental and computational methods

These topics are broadly relevant to the production of materials, pharmaceuticals and food, and to the conversion of energy resources to fuels and protection of the environment.


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