Energy | 暖通专业推荐期刊


Energy is an international, multi-disciplinary journal in energy engineering and research. The journal aims to be a leading peer-reviewed platform and an authoritative source of information for analyses, reviews and evaluations related to energy. The journal covers research in mechanical engineering and thermal sciences, with a strong focus on energy analysis, energy modelling and prediction, integrated energy systems, energy planning and energy management. The journal also welcomes papers on related topics such as energy conservation, energy efficiency, biomass and bioenergy, renewable energy, electricity supply and demand, energy storage, energy in buildings, and on economic and policy issues, provided such topics are within the context of the broader multi-disciplinary scope of Energy.

Energy是有关能源工程和研究的国际性多学科杂志。 该杂志旨在成为领先的同行评审平台,并为与能源相关的分析,评论和评估提供权威的信息来源。 该期刊涵盖机械工程和热科学领域的研究,重点是能源分析,能源建模和预测,集成能源系统,能源规划和能源管理。 该期刊还欢迎有关节能,能效,生物质和生物能源,可再生能源,电力供需,能源存储,建筑物中的能源以及经济和政策问题等相关主题的论文。

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