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Solar Energy, the official journal of the International Solar Energy Society®, is devoted exclusively to the science and technology of solar energy applications.

The Society was founded in 1954 and is now incorporated as a non-profit educational and scientific institution. With participation encompassing 100 countries, ISES® serves as a centre for information on research and development in solar energy utilisation. Through its publications and its sponsorship of technical conferences, the Society provides a world forum for the active consideration of solar energy.

Solar Energy welcomes manuscripts presenting information not previously published in journals on any aspect of solar energy research, development, application, measurement or policy. The term "solar energy" in this context includes the indirect uses such as wind energy and biomass. Because of the international character of Solar Energy, articles that deal solely with the solar radiation or wind data base of a specific country are not normally considered suitable for Solar Energy. Submitted manuscripts may take the form of reports of original studies or reviews of significant prior work in a given area. All manuscripts are subject to reviews to assure accuracy, clarity, and long-term value.

Solar Energy 欢迎以前从未在期刊上发表过的有关太阳能研究、开发、应用、测量或政策的文章稿件。稿件主题还可以是间接的太阳能用途,例如风能和生物质。由于Solar Energy 的国际性,通常不考虑仅处理特定国家的太阳辐射或风数据库的稿件。

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