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Building and Environment is an international journal that publishes original research papers and review articles related to building science, urban physics, and human interaction with the indoor and outdoor built environment.

The Journal is focused on new knowledge, rigorously verified with measurement and analysis, related to the environmental performance of the built environment in a wide range of spatial scales, ranging from cities, communities, buildings, to building systems and assemblies as well as other built environments such as those related to transportation.

The Journal invites research articles conveying robust, tested knowledge on:

  • 技术,特别是智能技术,以及高性能建筑和城市的集成系统
  • 建筑科学和工程的热,声,视觉性能和舒适度,空气质量及其对人类的影响
  • 设计和决策社区的工具,包括经过测试的计算,经济,教育和政策工具
  • 减轻环境影响和实现低碳可持续建筑环境的解决方案

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