Journal of Building Physics | 暖通专业推荐期刊


Journal of Building Physics is an international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes advanced research and state of the art papers to promote understanding thorough advancement of all the areas of non-structural performance of a building and particularly in heat, air and moisture transfer.
Our goal is to enhance deeper insight and understanding, and enable the development of scientifically-based design tools, which are crucial for the implementation of a performance-based engineering approach in building design.

Formerly titled Journal of Thermal Envelope and Building Science, the scope of the journal was broadened in response to readers’ interest. The vision of Journal of Building Physics is to facilitate the integration and implementation of a scientific approach in building physics with the various domains of building performance.

Buildings have enormous impact on global environment, renewable and non-renewable resources and quality of life and durability of the building envelope is one of the critical elements deciding upon the sustainability of built environment. The journal's expanded coverage will stress durability and long-term performance of building envelope systems. Specific stress is placed on environmental aspects and thermal protection of materials, elements and components used construction.

Journal of Building Physics covers a broad range of topics including:

  • 建筑系统的热量,空气和湿气等
  • 所有类型的保温材料和建筑围护结构材料,以及包括聚合物,矿物,纤维素基和复合材料的保温系统
  • 新的测试程序和改进的现场测量方法
  • 热,空气和湿气传递模型
  • 建筑物交互研究,涉及室内环境、居住者,以及建筑材料、建筑构件和子系统
  • 绿色屋顶,双层围护结构,建筑围护结构与机械系统的相互作用与集成等

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