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Energy Conversion and Management has an open access mirror journal Energy Conversion and Management: X, sharing the same aims and scope, editorial team, submission system and rigorous peer review.

The journal Energy Conversion and Management provides a forum for publishing original contributions and comprehensive technical review articles of interdisciplinary and original research on all important energy topics.

The topics considered include energy generation, utilization, conversion, storage, transmission, conservation, management and sustainability. These topics typically involve various types of energy such as mechanical, thermal, nuclear, chemical, electromagnetic, magnetic and electric. These energy types cover all known energy resources, including renewable resources (e.g., solar, bio, hydro, wind, geothermal and ocean energy), fossil fuels and nuclear resources.

Energy Conversion and Management 所考虑的主题包括能源的产生、利用、转化、存储、传输、节约、管理和可持续性。 这些主题通常涉及各种类型的能量,例如机械、热、核、化学、电磁、磁和电。这些能源类型涵盖了所有已知的能源,包括可再生资源(例如太阳能、生物、水力、风能、地热能和海洋能),化石燃料和核资源。

Papers are welcome that investigate or consider the prospects of energy technologies, devices, systems, materials, processes, operation, performance, maintenance and control.


Priority may be given to interdisciplinary energy subjects that deal with advanced technologies and that consider more than one of these methodologies: modeling, experimental, analysis and optimization, with appropriate verifications of the findings.


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