ASHRAE Transactions | 暖通专业推荐期刊


ASHRAE Transactions is the official record of research and technical information of permanent interest and archival value presented at ASHRAE’s Annual and Winter Conferences, the world’s foremost forums for the presentation of research and application data and experience in the fields of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration and the field of building technology in general.

ASHRAE Transactions是ASHRAE官方发布的期刊,主要收录ASHRAE年会和冬季会议上的研究成果和技术信息,这些研究成果和技术信息一般都是一些比较成熟,具有长久存档价值的文章。ASHRAE的年度和冬季会议是全世界供暖,通风,空调和制冷领域研究和应用数据及经验展示的最重要论坛,该论坛也还涉猎一般建筑技术。

Published since 1895, ASHRAE Transactions now comprises the Technical Papers and Conference Papers presented at ASHRAE’s Winter and Annual Conferences as well as the Extended Abstracts presented only at ASHRAE’s Annual Conferences.

自1895年发布以来,ASHRAE Transactions现在不仅收录ASHRAE冬季和年度会议上发表的技术论文和会议论文,还收录仅在ASHRAE的年度会议上发表的扩展摘要

Technical Papers undergo one or more double-blind reviews by three or more reviewers and are published with discussion questions and answers. Conference Papers are shorter in length than Technical Papers and undergo a less stringent single-blind review by two or more reviewers. . Extended Abstracts undergo a single-blind review by two reviewers and are intended to be preliminary research results that will eventually be expanded into full papers.

技术论文经过三名或更多审稿人的一项或多项双盲审阅,并附有讨论问题和答案。 会议论文的长度比技术论文短,并且由两个或更多审稿人进行的单盲审阅,不太严格。 扩展摘要由两名审稿人进行单盲审阅,旨在作为初步研究结果,并将最终扩展为全文。

These papers and abstracts encompass the wide range of technologies and applications of interest to researchers and practitioners whose work shapes the built environment.


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